Friday, July 3, 2009


I have seen people die early from diseases that could have been rectified with hormones and cutting edge, non drug methods. Instead, many choose the pharmaceuticals given to them by their trusted doctors, until they are literally "wacky" and too tired to care anymore. But my theories are different from what some doctors are telling their patients to do. I know this is the better way to live. I am a different person. I sleep, I'm calm. I enjoy life and I enjoy my kids. I really want to tell EVERY person I can tell that THERE IS ANOTHER WAY! And YOU DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE! I will help you understand if you want to understand. Just pay attention to what your body is screaming at you to listen to. It is a choice; continue your present unhealthful lifestyle, poor diet, and overuse of pharmaceuticals and experience a slow but sure, painful, unhealthy, sick life with dementia, heart disease, and probably cancer. Or choose to make a few simple changes starting today and enjoy a long life of vibrant, joyous energy and magnificent health.

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