Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Estrogen Dilemma

In the April 12, 2010, New York Times article The Estrogen Dilemma, researchers are discovering that estrogen, a hormone produced in your brain, keeps your mind healthy and helps diseases like Alzheimer’s and heart disease kick the boot. The key here is the Timing Hypothesis, which is, "the proposition that estrogen could bring great benefit to a woman who starts it in her 50’s while having the reverse effect on women ten years older…other scientists know there are ways estrogen improves and protects the brain when it is added to healthy tissues.”

Thus stating estrogen when added to a healthy happy body can heal your body, where taking estrogen in a tired unhealthy body can hit cells that are already sick, thus not replenishing or strengthening the woman’s body.

The study also goes on to feature the evolution of hormones from horse urine to yam/plant based topical creams. At the Wake Forest University in North Carolina researchers have found that estrogen has had a tremendous influence against heart disease in women alone.

In T.S. Wiley’s Book, Sex, Lies, and Menopause, she states the Dying of Cancer is something we all fear. Having a heart attack, although seems more remote, because we don’t hear about it on television everyday would probably kill us where we stand. A doctor interviewed in the article stated that, “Heart disease ultimately kills many more women than all cancers combined, some doctors had also taken to urging older women, even those past menopause to start hormones for cardiac health purpose.”

The overall dilemma that most women face is how do they get prescribed hormones and where. What type of hormone is right for them? Is it estrogen, progesterone, testosterone or all of them?

The Wiley Protocol is the answer. The Wiley Protocol restores your hormones back to the way you had them when you were young, in the way you had them when you were young, rhythmically

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