Saturday, July 4, 2009

How Should We Replace Our Hormones??

Biomimetic – a true bio-identical. WP uses the rhythm of nature to establish the proper doses of estradiol and progesterone to mimic the natural hormones produced by your body. It is a more accurate form of hormone restoration. Hormones can be called bio-identical only when they are dosed in a biomimetic fashion.

Derived from plant sources they mimic the natural wavelike, rhythms of the hormone blood levels in a normal menstrual cycle. It is this natural rhythm that is missing from all other hormone replacement therapies.

The world as we know it, the entire universe, in fact from bacteria to blue whales, is all about timing. Individual rhythms deep within us overlap into larger patterns outside of us -- which then weave in and out of each other.

Relief is in the Rhythm The circadian clock in our cells measures one 24 hour spin of the planet. The moon is in sync as that cycle repeats itself every 28 days -- and so is your body. WP topical creams and their amounts vary throughout the 28 day cycle to mimic the hormone levels of youth. This approach is natural, rhythmic and therefore Biomimetic. Bio-identical hormones are only natural if they are Biomimetic.

The Wiley Protocol relieves the discomforts of menstruation, menopause and hormone imbalances. Tens of thousands of women use it and love it.

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