Monday, July 27, 2009

New Testimonial from Todays Patient Bobbie

First Visit July 2, 2009

47 y/o female here today to be established. Patient says she has symptoms of painful sex, dryness, libido is gone, vaginal tearing. Patient has been having heart palpitations since 2003 and has had a full heart work up and all the tests revealed no heart problems. Patient has had night sweats and she wakes up soaked. Patient has been to see an OB doctor in 2003 for yeast infection and it was diagnosed as lichen sclerosis, then lichen planus. She has not been able to lose weight. Patient is exercising and is still gaining weight around the middle. Not able to sleep. Allergies started to happen around all this time symptoms were occurring.

F/U Visit July 27, 2009

47 y/o female here on day 26 of her first cycle of the creams. Started her menstrual cycle July 3rd and then started using the creams. By day three no heart palpitations and she was having heart palpitations several times a day since 2003. Patient says she has noticed her hair has stopped falling out. Even her husband noticed that there was less hair on the floor in the bathroom and patient even noticed less hair in the brush or comb or that just came out from touching her hair. Patient is noticing her skin texture is improving. Vaginal tearing has improved. Patient says she can have intercourse and not have the pain associated with it like it was. Patient is still waking up at night and not sleeping but she isn't drenched upon wakening. Patient has not had an allergy shot in three weeks and she usually gets them every week but she has noticed that she isn't as symptomatic and usually she cannot go longer than a week between shots because she gets symptoms so bad. She has tried to go every two weeks but then suffers from sinus congestion so bad that it had to be changed back to a week.

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