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IT IS THE YEAR 2041. This is me, at ninety-four years old. I am healthy, my bones are strong, my brain is working better than ever. Sleep is sound and deep, usually eight or nine hours nightly. I don’t need sleeping pills; they’re not necessary. I wake up happy, excited, and active. Most mornings start with wonderful sex with my 94-year-old husband (who has also embraced the same health regimen). The two of us are enjoying our lives because along with our healthy, strong bodies, we both have great wisdom and perspective—and this gives us an advantage over younger people. Our children and their friends come to me for advice. That’s satisfying.

I am not one of those “old people” put in the corner or, worse, put in a nursing home. Nope, not me, I got it early on. I wanted to live, really live. So I jumped on the fast-moving train of new medicine and never looked back. My friends laughed at me . . . called me a “nutcase” and a “health freak,” but who’s got the last laugh now? Huh? I won . . . I am vital, I am active; I am a productive member of society. Because of my great health, I am not a drain on the system; I don’t need pharmaceutical drugs. It would be nice if the government could grasp the wisdom of the supplements, bioidentical hormones, and detoxification that I have embraced for the last forty years. It would be great if they could understand and attribute this nondrug regimen to my fantastic health and sharp thinking and provide it free of charge to all our citizens. It certainly would save the government a lot of money in the long run, and bankruptcy would not be looming; unfortunately, big business is still in the way. But I feel lucky—I understood early on. I was not going to blindly accept outdated medicine. I knew if I were to survive in this toxic, stressful, polluted world I had to approach my health differently. I also understood that drugs were not going to be the answer for me unless absolutely necessary. I did have cancer once, but thank God I banked my stem cells in my early sixties, so I would be able to rebuild my immune system if the cancer ever came back. That was a relief for me. I could let go of the worry. I’ve been fine ever since. And those nanotechnology (nondrug) patches I have been using for the last forty years have really helped. Any time I experienced pain or low energy or sleep problems or weight problems, or the need for detoxification (if I wanted to kill off the free radicals that are part of today’s toxic world), I put on one of the patches and the problems went away, with no need to turn to drugs. I saw what happened to so many of my contemporaries, most of whom
died early on from diseases that could have been rectified with hormones and cutting-edge, nondrug technologies. Instead, they chose the pharmaceuticals given them by their trusted doctors until they were “out of gas” and “wacky.” I loved these people, but my theories were so radically different from what their doctors were telling them that I had to back off. I hung in there with my beliefs. I knew this was the better way. Those around me lovingly smirked and mocked my approach, and now it’s too late for them. “I told you so” seems empty.

I’m a believer in pharmaceuticals: My friend’s nephew is a schizophrenic and those drugs have allowed him to live a somewhat normal life. I always say, “That’s what drugs are for”—pain, infection, and mental illness. Without those drugs he would be in a mental home, but instead
he gets to live with his family. They are a godsend for him. I have stayed healthy all these years by eating good and real food; I realized early on the value of nutrients. It was simple, I thought: Good food results in healthy cells. I grew my own food and ate organic as often as possible. I never knowingly consumed chemicals. I replaced my declining hormones, which kept me happy and energetic, and I tried to avoid toxins in the house and the environment. I always knew chemicals could no longer be avoided completely in anyone’s life, so I did what I thought was the smart thing; I went to those antiaging doctors and they gave me intravenous drips of vitamin C and glutathione and other treatments to “build me up.” My friends really got a laugh off that one, but again, who’s laughing now?

Those treatments helped me stay limber and healthy and have kept my brain sharp. Maybe that’s what I am enjoying the most. I can think . . .my brain is not foggy, I am not forgetful. I remember dates and the past, I keep a journal on my computer, and hasn’t the Internet been a great connection to information and the rest of the world? I could spend all day doing that but I really don’t have time. I have my business and then there is daily exercise and Alan and I go out dancing once or twice a week. We both really enjoy that. The second half of my life is filled with satisfaction. It’s better than it’s ever been. Who knew ninety-four was going to be such fun and so productive?

Who knew my 94-year-old husband would remain so sexy? The new career I embraced at sixty-five has brought me great contentment and financial rewards. My friends retired and became bored, but not me. It’s as though I have found the golden key. I feel I have it all: a great family, great children and grandchildren, great great-grandchildren, great health, great marriage, and great sex! And it’s not over. . . . I am ready and eager for what life brings next. I know I’m going to get old one day, but at the moment it doesn’t even appear to be on the radar. . Also next month I am hosting the wedding of my great-greatgranddaughter at our house. So I’m very busy dealing with caterers and rentals; I am going to do the flowers myself—I mean, who grows more gorgeous roses than mine?

THIS is, of course, a hypothetical situation, but with the way I am living now, I firmly believe it is entirely possible that I will be living the life I just described into my nineties and beyond. Sound too good to be true? It’s not—with breakthrough medicine, the future is now. It is never too late
to start, but it is also never too early!

If you’re thirty-five, get ready! It’scoming, and sooner than you think. When you are young, you never think about your health—it’s a given; but the earlier you understand the benefits of embracing what you are about to learn, the better the quality of life you can continue to enjoy without fear that you will end up sick and in a nursing home. Your future is not so far away. It’s important, crucial, to take the steps now—today—to reset the course of your health. It’s not difficult; it just requires a few simple but crucial steps to change the outcome of your life. It is a choice; continue your present unhealthful lifestyle, poor diet, and overuse of pharmaceuticals and experience a slow but sure, painful, unhealthy, sick life with dementia, heart disease, and probably cancer. Or choose to make a few simple changes starting today and enjoy a long life
of vibrant, joyous energy and magnificent health. I practice BREAKTHROUGH MEDICINE and I have never felt better, been healthier, or had more energy in my life. I wake up excited for each day to begin; my brain is sharp, my libido is active, and my outlook is always upbeat. I am experiencing this quality of life through the knowledge I have obtained from the doctors in this book. I have embraced a new approach to my health that is about prevention and not waiting for a debilitating diagnosis. We can grow old in great health. We can age with our brains intact and
our energy at youthful levels. The model of the aging person of today will no longer have to be a part of our future. There is no reason to fall apart the way our older population is now. Our bones do not have to turn to powder. Our brains do not have to become demented. Cancer and heart
disease do not have to be an inevitable part of our future. But we have to start now!

The cutting-edge, Western-trained doctors in this book are truly onto something and they are excited; they all realize that the way medicine has been practiced for the past fifty years is no longer relevant in today’s world. We are under the greatest environmental assault in the history of mankind; we live in a world of unbelievable stress and pollution. Our
bodies are no longer able to tolerate this assault and as a result people are sick. It is inevitable that something has got to change, and that is what this book offers. We can change our fate, we can take charge of our health. We do not have to expect sickness as we age. We can replace our
lost youthful hormones, we can reverse the dietary habits that are starting to wreak havoc on our bodies, and we can supplement what is missing from our food supplies and what has been depleted from our soil. But we have to start now. At present most of us are existing to some degree at the whim of pharmaceuticals. We have a pill to make us sleep, a pill to normalize our moods. We live on antacids for our churning stomachs and take tranquilizer
to calm down; we take pills to lose weight, pills to control our water retention, pills for bloating, pills for headaches, pills for aches, pills for pains, and pills for erections! Yet with all this medication, nobody feels . . .good. Nobody is thriving. Pills are not the answer; pills are a Band-Aid. And, ultimately, they are one’s demise. The toxic buildup of pharmaceutical chemicals in our bodies eventually backs up. You see it everywhere; it’s all around us: aging people who can’t think or walk or take care of themselves. The present pharmaceutical model most conventional doctors follow can lead directly to the nursing home. None of us ever believe
that we would be one of the ones to suffer this horrible end, this terrible fate. Yet without changing the way you approach your health at present, the likelihood is that you will one day find yourself sitting in your wheelchair, drugged into a medical stupor, and left to die alone, lonely, and sick. It happens every day.

Senior people always say the same thing: “As long as you have your health.” We laugh it off when we are young, but imagine living the life you are watching with your aging, senile, feeble parent or grandparent. What makes you think the same won’t happen to you? In many cases our
aging parents did not experience anywhere near the chemical assault that we are in this millennium. This is a big change. Stress is blunting our hormone production earlier and earlier, chemicals have slipped into our food, toxins are all around us in our homes, in the air we breathe, in the water we drink. In fact, in Los Angeles we recently were “treated” to fluoride in our water. Fluoride is a toxic-waste by-product of the aluminum manufacturers, which doesn’t prevent tooth decay, yet now we in southern California are drinking it, bathing in it, cooking with it, watering our vegetable gardens with it—and we are actually paying for it. What are we thinking? It’s no accident the doctors in this book realize that the present Western “standard of care” model is not working. There is no drug at the moment that can mask the real problem—which is toxicity, stress, pollution, and their effects on the human body. The interviews with these courageous doctors will change your attitude, change your health, and set you on a path of feeling well and energetic. They all share their life-altering secrets to successful health and aging and how to achieve it. The true breakthrough is understanding that you are in charge of your health. Only you can turn it around, and the good news is that it is easy to do. Technology and new medical approaches have made it possible for all of us to live years beyond any time frame the human species has ever before imagined—but without quality of life! Who wants to live a long life without good health and a working brain? Living to ninety and one hundred years (some say it could be more like 120 years) will be normal for those of us alive today. Imagine living that long with your brain intact, your body in good health, disease-free and with strong bones and lots of energy. No longer do we have to expect disease as we age (and we are aging younger and younger; in fact, thirty-year-olds are starting to have problems once associated with much older people). Alzheimer’s now affects people in their forties, fifties, and sixties. This has never happened before. What has changed? What are we doing wrong? Why hasn’t the conventional medical community anticipated this? The sad but true fact is that dementia in thirty-year-olds is predicted in the next twenty years in epidemic proportions, due to years of high intake of chemicals from seemingly benign everyday habits such as consuming diet soda and food additives. Dementia in young people! This is un-precedented. By embracing this information, by reading each interview with these amazing doctors, you will find the well-researched, cutting-edge information to live a long, healthy, energetic life without drugs. Breakthrough is in part a collection of interviews with the preeminent antiaging doctors of the world. Each of these doctors has had the courage and integrity to stand back and realize that the way he or she was taught medicine in our most prestigious medical schools is no longer working in the world in which we all live today. Technology now allows us to live longer, but we are stressed beyond belief. We are consuming chemicals in amounts (knowingly or unknowingly) that are lethal; we are severely hormonally imbalanced, and we are uninformed about the incredible positive effects of good nutrition. We are getting cancers at younger and younger ages. Alzheimer’s is sucking the minds from our elders and sneaking up on the unsuspecting young. We all hope and pray it won’t be us, but at present most people are on a fast-moving train to disaster and they don’t know how to jump off. From each of these physicians I set out to discover how to avoid this fate. Each interview is a personal appointment for you; in fact, it’s better than an appointment. Over a period of weeks I had the opportunity to spend hours and hours probing their fantastic brains to get a sense of their individual passions. We went back and forth, so many phone calls, always with yet another breakthrough to share. There is very little ego among professionals in the antiaging field. Because there is so much new information, each doctor is eager to share with others. They are one another’s teachers. The several conferences a year that these doctors attend are not pharmaceutically funded (meaning they have to pay their own way), so no agenda dictates their ideas. Each doctor is there to share something they have uncovered by utilizing what was once known as the “art of medicine,” the kind of medicine we have always hoped we would have, where the doctor actually sits back and thinks about what makes sense. In essence they connect the dots. You see, the dots don’t connect when dealing with pharmaceuticals; they become crutches or Band-Aids, never really healing, just maintaining and usually causing problems from side effects that are sometimes worse than the condition for which the drug was originally prescribed. When it comes to good heath and aging, we simply need to put back what we have lost. Maintain our hormones at optimal levels and reconsider food as fuel: Both build health and give energy. Bioidentical hormones are at the base of this approach, because hormonal decline creates a decline in you. Without youthful hormones you are no longer you. Anyone who is in hormonal decline can attest to that fact, and younger and younger people are in hormonal decline due to enormous stress and toxic overload. Bioidentical hormone replacement is a must to remain youthful, healthy, and energetic, but this book takes it further. We start with bioidenticals, but then we go body part by body part, identifying the weakness in the body and then strengthening it. There will be no more sudden deaths when you embrace breakthrough information, because you will now have the knowledge to catch a problem before it manifests. The news is good. We no longer have to expect the inevitability of cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, or life in a nursing home. We have become so used to disease in this country that we are no longer shocked when an older person (and nowadays even younger people) gets a serious illness. I’ve already had my brush with a serious disease and, because of that, I realize information is the key to understanding how to avoid the lifestyle and dietary habits that had allowed my body to become weakened, the way it once was when I played host to breast cancer. I want to be around for a long time, so I take all this new information seriously.

It’s no joke, this is serious . . . deadly serious. Women in particular are unwell: out-of-control weight gain, inability to sleep, stomach problems, aches, pain, stiffness, bad knees, bad hips, no libido, and then the lifethreatening conditions—heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, heart attack, stroke, lupus, fibromyalgia, dementia, Alzheimer’s, brain tumors, mental problems. Where are these conditions and diseases coming from? It is not normal to be sick because we are aging, yet that is what we have come to expect. HOW do you feel about getting those twenty or thirty extra years technology now provides if you are not in good health? How do you feel about the possibility of a life without a working body or brain? That’s not such a good thing. Suddenly those “extra years” are a burden. Quality of life is what living is all about. Technology has found the key to longevity, yet quality of life has not been addressed by the scientific community in those
extra years. Here’s where breakthrough, the changing face of medicine, comes in! To live a long life in vibrant health requires a shift in thinking. All behavior patterns are broken by “shifts in thinking.” Between chemicals, pollution, stress, and overuse of pharmaceuticals, it’s a battle to maintain good health. The way we have been taking care of ourselves is no longer working, evidenced by the sickness we see around us. A change is necessary. At present in our country we do not practice “health care.” We think we do, but in reality we practice “disease care,” meaning, we go to the doctor when we are already in a diseased state. To take advantage of the breakthroughs we have achieved in new cutting-edge medicine, a shift in our thinking is required: a commitment to practicing true health care from here on in to enjoy a long, healthy life. So what does that mean? True health care means we go to the doctor when we are well. Most of us wait until we have “conditions” or disease before we drag ourselves to the doctor’s office. We are not encouraged to be proactive about our health. We are not encouraged to think about health care in terms of prevention. Most of us go to the doctor like children waiting to be told what to do. Generally, we don’t think for ourselves as to what we feel would be best for us. We’ve been lulled into thinking that our doctors know best. But our doctors are restricted by
their workload and time constraints. If you are part of an HMO, you already know that your doctor has only about eight minutes to spend with you. It’s hit or miss, maybe he or she will get it and maybe not. Because we have chosen not to be “in tune” with the language of our body (aches, pains, burning, coughing, etc.), we wait too long, until we are already sick, and then there is no choice but to resort to pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, or surgery. Surgery is fantastic and there are those of us who have had no choice but to resort to cutting and repairing. We are fortunate because American surgeons are the best on the planet, but what if we could be so
in tune with our health that we catch a problem before it has the chance to manifest as something requiring such a drastic approach? Medicine is advancing by turning away from the crutch of pharmaceutical drugs. According to Dr. Jonathan Wright, “We can achieve perfect
health using nature’s tools”: hearing can be restored, macular degeneration can be reversed or at least stopped, and in some cases infections can be treated more effectively with natural approaches. There are intravenous treatments to flush out the toxins that are debilitating precursors to disease. Dr. Michael Galitzer feels we can beat cancer: “We can learn to
live with cancer by staying a step ahead of it, building up the body to keep the cancer at bay.”
We can restore brain cells by taking a simple, natural supplement that is neuron protective. We can heal the gut damaged by years of over-thecounter drugs, antibiotics, and poor nutrition. Often these conditions can not only be healed but reversed as well. The first and most important step to real health care is to understand how your body works. This book will teach you that in layman’s terms. Knowledge is power. Most of us sit in our doctors’ offices quietly expecting
them to know how our body is feeling. No one can possibly know your body as well as you do. We need to learn to listen to our bodies. If you have constant burning, swelling, indigestion, coughing, choking, or constipation, that is your body talking (screaming), letting you know that all is not well. We hear the chatter for months and sometimes years before we decide to find out what is going on. By then, we are usually in a condition that requires surgery or major drugs, most of which are designed to keep us on them for life. Breakthrough medicine is a fast-moving train. There are thousands of incredible doctors around the world who have come to realize that the
way they have been taught to treat their patients no longer works. It’s a collective consciousness that brings these doctors together from all points of the world. It is as though they all came to the same conclusions at the same time. In this book I will take you to the best of them. This is your opportunity to tap into the latest and best breakthroughs medicine has to offer. These are doctors who have “stepped out of the box” to find a better way—medicine that uses pharmaceuticals only as a last resort. This type of medicine has been practiced in Europe for decades. Europeans are healthier than we are. They eat better food, real food; they don’t use
chemicals as liberally as we do; and they treat their ailments homeopathically, resorting to Western medicine and antibiotics as a last resort. European doctors have been savvy to bioidentical hormone replacement for the last fifty years. They have understood the need to replace the hormones we lose in the aging process, not only sex hormones but also the major hormones—thyroid, insulin, adrenals, and cortisol. Dr. Thierry Hertoghe of Belgium is known as “the father of bioidentical hormones.” He explains in this book the advantages of real hormone replacement. Europeans did not buy into synthetic hormones the way we did in this country and because of that they have less cancer. Breakthrough is new medicine that, among other things, takes advantage of bioidentical hormone replacement for women and men, understanding
that the decline of hormones in all of us is commensurate with the decline in our health. Individualized bioidentical replacement rectifies the decline. Breakthrough medicine is also having the ability to understand all the “pauses” in the human system and how we can stop these pauses and actually reverse them.
According to Dr. Eric Braverman the pauses are:
• thyroid pause—weakened thyroid
• electropause—diminished brain capacity
• cardiopause—increased heart rate, due to decrease of pumping efficiency
• immunopause—weakened immune system
• menopause—loss of hormones in women
• andropause—loss of hormones in men
• osteopause—loss of bone density
• somatopause—loss of human growth hormone; muscles lose strength and tone
• dermatopause—loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin

of these pauses are reversible if treated with bioidentical hormones and advanced techniques to head off future diseases or health problems. The current medicine we are practicing for the most part is out of touch. Many doctors don’t have the knowledge or the tools to do the job. So, we bombard cancer, attempting to kill it with radiation and poisonous drugs, and antibiotics mount the assault on infections. We surgically carve out diseased tissue as a routine practice. What we call modern medicine is really quite primitive and can accomplish only so much until we invent
new tools—which usually mean more drugs. This is where breakthrough medicine, or what I call “commonsense medicine,” comes in. We now have the information to understand that with a few simple changes we can push back time without drugs.

Breakthrough medicine has 8 Steps to Wellness:
1. Get BHRT
2. Avoid Chemicals and Detoxify Your Body
3. Take Nutrition Seriously
4. Create a Healthy GI Tract
5. Avoid Pharmaceuticals Unless Absolutely Necessary
6. Supplement Your Diet
7. Exercise Regularly
8. Get Proper Sleep

These 8 Steps to Wellness are the cornerstone of breakthrough medicine. This new kind of medicine builds the body up and restores us to youthful hormonal balance, pinpointing the weakest oldest organ or gland, then building up the organ most in decline. By doing so, the body
no longer has to compensate for the weak link and all becomes well. You will also find out about the latest breakthrough advances in technology, including nanotechnology, banking stem cells, and genomics (the science of the human genome), which will make it possible to understand
the genetic origin of disease and then take action to extend life by preventing illness. Genomics will radically change medicine and make it predictive. Cognitive brain-science breakthroughs will protect the aging mind, refresh vital memories, improve physical agility, and promote human performance enhancement. Right now, we can work with doctors who specialize in utilizing exciting new treatments to build up the body: hyperbaric oxygen for cancer patients, infrared sauna to detoxify, intravenous treatments such as vitamin C in large doses, intravenous glutathione, intravenous chelation treatments to detoxify from the excessive pollution and heavy metals we unknowingly take into our bodies, intravenous hydrogen peroxide treatments,
and much more. Breakthrough medicine understands the terrible impact of chemicals
on the human body. Dr. Russell Blaylock’s interview on this topic is lifechanging. You will never drink another diet soda again! Breakthrough medicine stresses the importance of good nutrition, the necessity of avoiding chemicals and toxic sprays and using green household
products instead. This new approach also understands stress and how to eliminate it, the importance of avoiding pharmaceutical drugs unless absolutely necessary, avoiding over-the-counter drugs, and most important, SLEEP. Yes, something as simple as a good night’s sleep and
all its healing benefits are escaping most of us. Going to bed early will prolong your life and keep you healthy. But as you will learn, hormonal imbalance makes sleep impossible. Once you have been restored hormonally, sleep will return, and it is a blessing. Breakthrough introduces you to the doctors who have chosen to move forward with true “health care,” rather than the present “disease care.” This is proactive medicine. We all know it is easier to rectify any problem if it doesn’t get too far advanced. Why wouldn’t the same theory apply to the body? The doctors in this book will help you find natural and effective ways to get off pharmaceuticals unless there are no other options. When you can heal yourself without drugs, why wouldn’t you want that? This book will teach you the way to a natural healthy life, and explain the downward spiral of becoming pharmaceuticalized. Ask yourself this question: Are you getting better on the drugs you are taking or just maintaining the status quo? If you are not getting better, this book offers solutions. Whenever you can heal yourself without drugs you are prolonging your life. Breakthrough will teach you to understand that the toxic buildup in our bodies is killing us, and just what to do to stop that buildup in its tracks. There is an exciting new approach to health and medicine. These simple changes in the way you live your life are not difficult, and the results
are amazing. Breakthrough medicine makes vibrant health attainable. It will allow you to live a long life, maintain your brain, vitality, and energy, with your organs intact and in full working order.

I am a great admirer of antiaging medicine . . . it appeals to my common sense. Drugs will never heal; they abate. Restorative treatment as practiced in anti-aging medicine approaches the body with true healing in mind

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