Monday, May 21, 2012


Really!! It's only been a week??? How come it feels like it has been so much longer. I did put myself behind a day or two or three (don't know yet)- because I went to a pool party on Saturday.

I thought I was going to be good and follow my protocol, even brought my own food; apple, chicken, and salad to eat. Everyone knew I was on the protocol and still could not accept that I was fine drinking ice tea and not snacking on all the food that was out.

I knew that if I went to this pool party there was a small chance I would deviate from the protocol, and of course after a couple of hours, I did. This is an annual summer pool party we go to and there is lots of food, drinking, socializing by the hot tub and pool and it lasts all night.

I didn't beat myself up about cheating and started back on track Sunday and planned my meals for today. What I didn't do is get on the scale Sunday or this morning! I didn't want the mental anguish of seeing the scale either the same number or higher. My clothes still are feeling looser so I know intellectually I'm going to reach my goal, but emotionally to see the scale a higher number than what it was the day or two before would be too difficult to handle. I just want to go back to sticking to the protocol and focus on today.

I started listening to Colin Watson's podcasts and that always helps to get me back on track. I choose to focus on what I want, not on what I don't want.

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