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What is a Wiley Protocol Registered™ Compounding Pharmacy?wiley protocol pharmacy

T.S. Wiley has licensed the use of her name only to compounding pharmacies that agree to make your hormones the same way, with the same ingredients, from the same place, at the same price and in the same packaging every time, everywhere.

A WP Registered Compounding Pharmacy is one that has licensed the use of the specific protocol that T.S. Wiley has scientifically developed. In order to do so the pharmacy must legally agree to make the hormones to the specific high standards set by T. S. Wiley. The following must remain constant:
• The ingredients must be sourced from the same place.
• The ingredients must be mixed according to the specific preparation method designed by WP.
• The packaging must be the same every time so the product can be identified solely as the Wiley Protocol.

Below is the list for The Wiley Protocol Registered Pharmacies™ These pharmacies are the only pharmacies

that compound the authentic Wiley Protocol. You may also do an EXTENDED SEARCH to find a pharmacist by name , location, certification, or by product.

 Pharmacies carrying the New Hormone Rhythms
• Wiley Protocol for Men™
• Wiley Protocol Thyroid
• Testosterone for Women™
• Wiley Protocol Face Crème ™

 Pharmacists who have attended and sponsored doctors to T.S. Wiley’s intensive two day scientific education seminar: "Two Days Back on Earth', are considered CERTIFIED!

If you would like to recommend a compounding pharmacy in your area for Wiley Protocol registration (to offer The Wiley Protocol,) please email with contact information. Please have this pharmacy understand and be interested in our program.

Call my office to set up an appointment or email me 815-476-5210 or


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