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For the past ten to twelve years I have been interested in learning more about what makes us age and what can help us slow down the aging process. I became interested in this subject when I started to see changes in myself related to aging. Skin changes, hair changes, sleep and energy changes, body changes, etc. I started with researching the cause of these changes and I discovered it was hormone related and vitamin deficiency or loss of efficiency (depending on your perspective).

Yes, reaching a ripe old age on lots of pharmaceutical medications is what today's women are experiencing. Thanks to the Women's Health Initiative study done by Wyeth-Ayerst in 1998-2002 which showed us that synthetic oral estrogen and synthetic oral progestin are a bad way to replace hormones and lead to more heart disease, strokes, breast cancer, and dementia. We don't live in a "natural society" any more. We live in an artificial society of lights, electricity, and processed food! And yes, not being able to sleep, heart palpitations, depression, anxiety, constipation, gastritis, urinary tract infections, divorce, memory loss, muscle wasting, weight gain, decreased sense of well being are the result of a loss of our biological hormones and cell control which we define now as menopause. NO HORMONES do kill people SLOWLY AND AGONIZINGLY. The women I know in their 50's and 60's who haven't yet replaced their hormones don't feel very good.

What hasn't been discussed in mainstream media and standard of care medicine is how should we replace hormones? How come we aren't telling women and men that hormones need to be replaced the way our body functions; in ascending and descending doses of estradiol and progesterone (or testosterone) over a 28 day cycle that ends with a menstrual period if a uterus is intact and mimics serum levels of healthy young females and young healthy males. Maybe because no one can profit from keeping us healthy. Or because it can't be labeled and sold as a pharmaceutical drug?

What I do know is that we all have a choice.

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