Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Can We Do to Feel Better!

I am almost ready to publish my first podcast on Itunes and will post when it actually is ready to listen to. I am reading Suzanne Somers book BREAKTHROUGH and the table of contents outlines what she discusses and it's everything I have been talking about with my patients. She calls it 8 Steps To Wellness.

Step 1: Get Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Step 2: Avoid Chemicals and Detoxify your Body
Step 3: Take Nutrition Seriously
Step 4: Create a Healthy GI Tract
Step 5: Avoid Pharmaceuticals Unless Absolutely Necessary
Step 6: Supplement Your Diet
Step 7: Exercise Regularly
Step 8: Get Proper Sleep

The goal here is to increase your life span as well as improve your overall health. Emphasizing early detection of illness, preventive strategies, and lifestyle changes.

Change is never easy. We get comfortable with our pharmaceutical drugs. Take a pill for every ailment we have.

These are the topics I will be discussing on my podcast shows. I hope you all will tune in and listen.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stay Tuned....

I am going to start doing podcasts and talk about hormones and treatment and symptoms. I'll keep you posted in the progress. I have lots to say about hormones and this web site is getting a little crowded and for some may be confusing to navigate through. If you would like me to send you weekly email updates letting you know when and how to hear these podcasts as they are scheduled, please send me an email letting me know at

Call my office in Lombard (630) 627-3700 to set up an appointment or email me at