Tuesday, July 7, 2009


A Brill

"You have saved my life with this protocol!! Thank you so much for your dedication to women and your continuing knowledge and wisdom for our benefit!!"

I love the results I'm getting on the protocol. I'm feel good again, my debilitating headaches are GONE!!!!, my libido is back. I can't live without my Wiley Protocol hormones

Words are not sufficient to describe how the WP has changed my life or how grateful I am for your hard work offering this knowledge and relief and better health to women, especially considering how traditional medical “professionals” and even many alternative medical “professionals” ostracize you. (I use the word “professional” only in the loosest and most sarcastic sense.)

My ob/gyn hit the ceiling 10 years ago, when I asked for supplemental estrogen. After I read your book, thanks to reading Suzanne Somers’ book, I went to my general practitioner and he had never heard about WP, but believed it to be a good idea and was more than glad to prescribe the WP.

I have bought and given away more than a dozen of your books and bought four more the last time I went to Abrams/Royal Pharmacy to get my rx. Within the first three days of my first month of the WP, I began to feel like I had 30 years previously (all the feelings that made me a healthy, happy woman that had slipped away so gradually that I didn't even realize most of them weren't there anymore).

I can't imagine how you must feel to have helped so many people. Thank you so much!

My name is Mary in Ardmore, Ok. I am 58 years old. Two years ago, I was encouraged to visit Dr. Ridley in Dallas by a good friend who had experienced an amazing transformation on the Wiley Protocol and other things Dr. Ridley prescribed. We learned about her through the Suzanne Sommers book.

I had been in menopause for several years. My libido was practically nonexistent. I often had hot flashes and anxiety attacks. I had been prescribed synthetic hormones and hormone patches for the past 10 yrs. I had gained lots of weight especially around the stomach and abdomen.
After being on the Wiley Protocol for about 2 yrs. now, I feel like a new woman. In the last 6 months, I have had regular periods. I have felt like exercising again and my libido has returned. I look much better in my clothes and get compliments very often such as, "you look so youthful". I am truly grateful to the Wiley Protocol and Dr. Ridley for understanding and offering such great information and choices for women.

I have been on the Wiley Protocol for a full year now and am very pleased with it. While I never had hot flashes or lost my figure or sexual desire (when I was ever rested), I was concerned about having lost my centered feeling and the screaming anxiety I was experiencing for the first time, especially in the year preceding learning about the WP (and while working full time at home for clients as an ad designer, plus taking care of my mother 24/7 as she recovered from strokes and my father's death that year). I also wanted to prevent the heart disease and strokes I saw in my mother and other older female family members.

Besides regaining my center back in three weeks, other wonderful things happened that I didn't even know were menopausal related: the aching in the heels of my feet that had appeared over the past two years disappeared in two months and I no longer needed gel pads in my shoes, for instance. My dry and intensely itching skin stopped itching and became less dry. My endless insertion of eye drops decreased dramatically. A knee injured in a fall a year previously that would never completely heal, healed in the first few months and has never hurt again. I again experienced deeper sleep. And so on. But the most wonderful feeling was that "center" I had lost. I had always thought I handled crises well because of my happy center that was there no matter what. When I lost it, I could not understand why that was happening to me. In the past, I had always been optimistic and overall led a happy life no matter what disasters lay in my path. I had always thought of that centered feeling as my "God" place, my "spirit" place; how disappointing to find that it was only hormones :-)
The only adverse symptoms have been sudden urinary incontinence, which I had never in my life before experienced, during high dosage days of either estrogen or progesterone, but over the past year that has been happening less and less often. The other unexpected symptom has been heretofore never experienced belly fat. I have never had a stomach problem or significant weight gain/fluctuation, and this is yet to be resolved. It is the one thing that annoys me intensely. I've always been a size four, even after ten years of menopause, so I have not been pleased to not be able to zip jeans nor skirts--and I do go to the gym. This is not a diet problem nor an inactive problem. It is in some way directly related to using the WP.

However, my own research tells me the missing link for this might be testosterone, and my doctor has finally consented to let me try the WP testosterone for women. I am looking forward to seeing if it works. I began it today.

I very much admire Ms. Wiley and associates for finally finding viable answers for women and doing something about it. I take vitamins and other supplements (but discontinued all those my doctor said might interfere with the WP. I do not take any medical drugs, have never even taken an antibiotic since 1978 when a doctor almost killed me with them. Doctors are good for a diagnosis, but if I require "treatment," I make up my own mind about how I'll be treated, and it is never with drugs or to treat "one body part." The body is a unit that requires overall balance to stay healthy and in harmony (in my opinion). Bioidentical hormones make sense to me as being another way to help supply the tools for that overall harmony.

Stay tuned for MORE testimonials!!!

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