Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are you treating the Symptom or the Problem?

You know when you have something wrong with your car, it NEVER is acting up when you take your car into the shop. And if you take it to a mechanic, who is a trained professional to repair cars (using an algorithm system) usually they won't be able to diagnose the problem if it's not happening at the time you bring the car in. BUT, if you bring it to a person who just knows how to fix cars, that person can FIX the problem because he understands what you are telling him is wrong with the car, even though it isn't "doing it" at the time you bring the car in. Well, the same thing goes on in medical school training. Doctors are trained in an algorithm system. They are educated first about the human body and then they are trained to "treat" the human body by algorithms. So, if you have a symptom then it will lead the doctor to go down "this" path. If you have a different symptom you go down "that" path. BUT, if you have a doctor that understands the WHOLE SYSTEM you don't need to follow an algorithm pathway system because often that pathway system DOESN'T WORK! Sure, it takes care of the SYMPTOM, but often does not FIX THE PROBLEM. And guess what happens, THE SYMPTOM RETURNS!

So make sure you have a person who "fixes cars" not a person who is a "mechanic" when you seek medical care.

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