Friday, July 3, 2009


This group is for women who know what it means to be ecstatic one moment and devastated the next (and then back to ecstatic again); what it means to be so tired you can't stay up to for your teen's 10 o'clock curfew, but although completely exhausted can't sleep past 3 a.m. to save your life; what it means to be able to heat a small village with merely your own body heat one moment and then be so cold the next moment that you can't get warm even with your electric blanket on 10; what it means to gain 10 lbs. in one week and how it can take an entire year of deprivation to lose those same 10 lbs.; what it means to start crying a flood of tears at the most inappropriate times; what it means to have your vocabulary diminish daily (they say the nouns go first - "can you hand me that, uh, uh. . . thingy?"!) and what it means to be so angry at your hubby for something you can't remember five minutes later and then be totally in love with him while you still can't remember why you were angry in the first place (thankfully, it all ends with the being totally in love part - and isn't it amazing he puts up with all of this? - it must be a God thing!). We also know what it means to have a monthly reminder of labor and delivery; what it means to own and use as many acne products as any pimply-faced 14 year old on the planet and (finally, I hope) what it means to be scared to death to get up from a seat in public for fear you've had a (and I'm not being British here) bloody accident!
Wow! It's amazing any of us make it through this time of life and all those little hormonies (remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding?)

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tinkersdam1965 said...

SOMEONE PLEASE TELL WHAT YOU DO TO MAKE IT DAY TO DAY UNTIL YOU GET ALL STUFF WORKING RIGHT AGAIN? I SURE COULD USE THE TIPS. GRETCHEN,really what the hell am I suppose to do? I got to pull it together fast, my 9 year old is telling me she will clean and cook. So don't tell me that my kids don't know I am flaken out. I know you don't have a fast answer or cure it takes 3-6 months. I just am so at my end with this that I belive if I keep asking some where someone will have a answer.Ok my meds should be here this wekk and maybe I will have a minute off this rollercoster befire3-6 months

Jean. said...

Well noone could tell how to cope, BUT I tell you that when start the Wp.protocol that 4 lines 2 times a day means the littel lines on the tube NOT THE WHOLE THING. yes I in 2 days gave myself about 25 days of treatment. Hows that for losing your mind. No worries I am going to see DR. and she going to see how much my body really got and then tell how to start over JEAN.

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