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Who is TS Wiley?

A Beverly Hills, California-based medical practitioner, Dr. Christian Renna said that he believes T.S Wiley has made, “one of the most important discoveries in this century” a simple molecular mechanism that up until now, everyone else has missed. Her revolutionary discovery is the fact that it’s the rhythm that matters in the accurate physiological replacement of hormones without side-effects for women in the second half of life. Wiley’s findings may have important implications across a wide range of areas, from the treatment of menopause and anti-aging to all of the other diseases of aging such as heart disease and stroke, Type II diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

The heart of Wiley’s endocrine research in women is based in chronobiology and circadian rhythmicity. Her work rests on the simple fact that the circadian clock in every cell of every human body measures one spin of the earth, and the planet’s constant companion, the moon, tracks 28 days 13 times in one revolution around the sun.

This light and dark cycle response on hormone receptors has evolved the 28 day menstrual cycle embedded in the physiological make-up of all women. That’s why replacing hormones for women with static one-time-a-day, same-amount-every-day, dosing has been so unsuccessfully lethal that most women get sick and some women die whether they take synthetic or bio-identical hormones in such a non-natural regimen.

After years of research, T.S. Wiley created The Wiley Protocol®, a patent pending delivery system consisting of bio-identical estradiol and progesterone in topical cream preparations dosed to mimic the natural hormones produced by a twenty year-old woman. The creams and their amounts vary throughout the 28 day cycle to mimic the hormone levels of youth. The Protocol is the only bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) that has ever been developed under the scrutiny of a practicing oncologist.

The Wiley Protocol formulation and manner of dosing bio-identical HRT started out as a "thought experiment” when Wiley asked herself and the doctors she worked with the question - "if hormone replacement consisted of real bio-identical hormones and was dosed to mimic the ups and downs of the blood levels seen in a healthy menstrual cycle of a 20 year-old woman, would all of the symptoms and disease states of aging decline or even, disappear?"

Well, to her surprise and many others, the logic holds - it seems from mounting evidence on the Wiley Protocol, it was the rhythm that was always missing in other regimens.

Since the National Institutes of Health (NIH) stopped the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) in 2003 because the synthetic hormones – Premarin and PremPro were deemed too dangerous, the common assumption among women using bio-identical regimens is that they are doing something “safer.” However, Wiley points out that the synthetics may have caused the harm reported, not just because they weren’t bio-identical hormone molecules, but because of the way they were statically dosed. Perhaps, bio-identicals, currently dosed in the Standard of Care mode, may, too, be in need of study and improvement for safety.

As a medical writer and researcher, T.S. Wiley is the author of “Sex, Lies & Menopause,” Harper Collins, 2005, a landmark work where a doctor, a philosopher, and a scientist prove that by postponing marriage and motherhood, women have accelerated the aging process, resulting in earlier menopause and, ultimately for thousands, earlier death. The book also examines the introduction of the birth control pill in the early 1960’s and the impact of not breast-feeding our young.

In her first book, “Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival, ” Pocket Books, 2000, Wiley points out how the discovery of electricity and the light bulb put us out of sync with nature. Before Edison, people spent summers sleeping less and eating heavily in preparation for winter because light triggers the hunger for carbohydrates. Now, with light available 24 hours a day, we can consume carbohydrates year round, and sleep less. In Wiley’s modest opinion, sleep is the best medicine.

T. S. Wiley spent eight years in private tutorial in molecular biology with Dr. Bent Formby, PH. D., and has been in clinical private tutorial in oncology with Dr. Julie Taguchi since 1998. She has also been a guest investigator at Sansum Medical Research Institute, Santa Barbara, CA. Her focus is on what she refers to as Darwinian Medicine or “environmental endocrinology” and evolutionary biology as it pertains to molecular medicine, oncology and genetics.

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Ok T.S. is a smart cookie, But really, her answer is valium and sleep as I wait for my meds.Ladies, you need to use your connections to get the word out.(for us that are poor,GIRL USE WHAT JUICE YOU GOT AND SPREAD THE DAM WORD!)I am poor trust me I got a total of 1.34 in checking and savings after paying for meds that are not even here yet! Do you think only the rich go crazy? Have you looked at the GHETTO lately? well let's have a feild trip and take T.S. with and maybe she will get it that valium and sleep have been used for years and IT IS NOT WORKING. so I maybe a lil fired up right now, But REALLY if we don't inform the women of this world,WHO THE HELL IS GOING TOO!

Love My Hormones said...

You got it and the west coast is fired up! The east and Midwest is way behind the times ladies. How do you think Suzanne somers, Demi Moore and every other hot actress stays so young looking?! It isn't all plastic surgery ladies it's hormones given the right way in rhythmic dosing! We need more than 6 fans on this site to get anywhere! Please send this to all women you know!

tinkersdam1965 said...

You will have more then 6 fans, let me get my mind back and I am going to send you so many people to explain this too. One thing I know I got crazy or not is a powerful mouth and unforgetable way with people.I want this treatment in every doctors office before my daughter's and neice's need it!!Jean

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