Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whats Wrong with OCP?

So What is wrong with Oral Contraception? Why such the controversy over Hormone Replacement for women and no controversy over synthetic drugs to stop our hormones? These are questions YOU need to be asking the pharmaceutical companies AND your doctors.

I get asked this question in my clinic often so I am going to explain why the birth control pill is not a good idea. Birth control pills are synthetic hormone drugs. They contain either a form of mutated synthetic estrogen, fake progesterone, or androgenic medication. Some contain only medroxyprogesterone acetate (which is synthetic progestin). They are given in many ways, orally, transdermal patch, IUD, vaginal ring, or depo injection. They suppress your own production of ovarian hormones; estrogen and progesterone. Therefore, they prevent you from ovulating. That's why they work and you don't get pregnant. But, there is another way to prevent pregnancy. First, I will tell you why you should not use any of these OCP methods.

In 1998, Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals began a study on their synthetic hormones (Premarin and Prempro) on 16,608 postmenopausal women. I know, you guys are young, so who cares, right? Wrong! This study PROVED that oral synthetic hormones are bad for us!! They had to stop the study 3 years early because women were dying! They found in the 4-5 short years the study did go on (it was supposed to be an 8 year study) that women had an increase in breast cancer by 26%, strokes by 41%, heart attacks by 29%, Alzheimers dementia by 76% and 2 times increase in bloodclots. Well, birth control pills and synthetic progestins are the SAME STUFF! They just have different names.

Birth control pills make women's body look like my peri-menopause women. They aren't ovulating! That means you get the same symptoms as 35-45 year old women. i.e. you're aging faster!! Weight gain around the middle, dry skin, low libido, moodswings, more yeast infections, more UTI's, more joint aches, more irritability, more anxiety, etc. etc. It's a painful irony that when we are young and have everything to lose (our fertility and potential for genetic immortality) many of us eagerly tossed back hormones made out of mutated synthetic estrogens, fake progesterone, and even, sometimes testosterone. And when birth control pills first came onto the market in the 1960's (generation of "free love") doctors who prescribed them had no idea they might impact our future fertility or what those hormones might be doing to us physically by preventing pregnancy. We have figured out NOW how toxic these synthetic hormone "drugs" like PremPro can really be.

So let's understand what is happening. In a normal cycle, estrogen causes the uterus lining to grow and progesterone then occupies the estrogen receptor site for two weeks out of the cycle every month and if conception does not occur, the uterus lining is shed. When two drugs are packaged together what you get is no resemblance to what goes on hormonally in your body. In reality the static, chronic dose of fake progesterone (progestin) in combination with a synthetic estrogen actually blocks the estrogen's effect every day. So any benefits known from estrogen in heart, brain, and breast are lost or diminished. The birth control pill not only increases your risk of cancer, but also causes heart disease. It does have side effects. The hormones made in your body really don't!

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Friday, October 15, 2010


I have been using transdermal hormone replacement using the Wiley Protocol for over three years now. Hormones are stored in fat cells. Transdermal application of hormones cannot mimic "exactly" how the ovaries or testicles release hormones into our blood stream. We apply a "glob" of cream twice a day, not a small amount every second of the day to our skin. If you have a nice fat pad on the back of your arms then the hormones can "store" in the fat and release with each heart beat pulsating blood through your body. I find there are times when I have to apply the hormone creams three times a day as I feel my estrogen levels falling. It is important to use the hormone creams consistently every day or your blood levels drop pretty quickly.

Hormones in your blood stream do not cause cancer! Chemicals can! Radiation can! Synthetic drugs can! Know what you are taking and know what your normal range is. I have measured thousands and thousands of male and female hormone levels over the past three years. Normal range of estradiol in cycling females is 150 pg/ml to 550 pg/ml and that is of fractionated estradiol, not TOTAL ESTROGEN. Total Estrogen would be much much higher because of the fact that estradiol breaks down into estrone. Estrone isn't dangerous, it is the inactive form of estradiol. Every woman has estrone; cycling females, pregnant woman, and menopausal women who are doing hormone replacement.

What is dangerous is if when you stop ovulating. The corpus luteum produces progesterone after ovulation every month for two weeks out of the month. When ovulation stops your body no longer has enough progesterone to "control" estrogen. Progesterone is much different from PROGESTINS. And there are many names for "progestins" that the media, medical articles, and doctors refer to as progesterone. If it isn't called PROGESTERONE then it is a PROGESTIN. Huge difference.

Here are a few of the names of Progestins that is NOT Progesterone:

Norethindrone Acetate

These all are "hidden" under their brand names which are:

Climara Pro

These are BAD medications that are not healthy for your body and can actually CAUSE negative effects inside your body including higher risk for blood clots, breast cancer, heart disease, dementia, weight gain, hair loss, depression, insomnnia to name just a few.

You have a choice people. Which option do you want to choose?