Friday, July 3, 2009

How Started BioIdentical Hormone Therapy

Your first symptom might not be a hot flash! It may be headaches that you get around you menstrual cycle that you never had before in your 20's and 30's. Moodiness, insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, no energy, fatigue throughout the day, cravings for more sugar or carbohydrates...these are just a few of the changes I began to go through and had NO IDEA it was because I was losing my hormones! I was still having regular menstrual cycles! And I was only 42! What was going on with me?? I began to start researching. I had my first hormone blood test in 2007 and my Estradiol was 48 pg/ml and FSH was 4.01. What did that mean? Every doctor I asked said I was fine, those were normal numbers. Well, two years later and a whole lot of research in to my medical books I found out that 48 pg/ml was not normal!

I would find web page after web page like the one referenced above that basically told me NOTHING! So many books later, and I will put a link for those books for you to access, which also on my facebook page. I found that NORMAL levels of estrogen in your body have a range and that we "cycle". The hormones don't stay at the same level all month long. Estrogen peaks at Day 12 on a 28 day menstrual cycle and it is in the range of 350-550 pg/ml and it then dips after you peak and it's baseline levels are between 150-200 pg/ml and lower on some days when progesterone is present. Progesterone also has a cycle range and it peaks on Day 21 of a 28 day cycle (if you are still ovulating) and it peaks in the range of 5-15 ng/ml and is present only days 14-28 in measurable levels. Otherwise days 1-14 it is not high enough to effect the estrogens job of rising to get us to ovulate! So exciting to learn all this. So my next job was to find out how can I mimic this cycle? What is being sold by pharmaceutical companies I already understood and knew those drugs did not mimic this normal cycle of a woman's body! That's when I discovered what Susan Somers is doing, Mrs. McGraw is doing and thousands and thousands of other woman who are doing great, look great, and feel great all because they went through exactly what I did and searched for the answers! I had to fly from my home of Illinois to California and I attended a seminar with TS Wiley called "Two Days Back on Earth Seminar". You can visit her website if you are a doctor and wish to attend.

So, I now use the Wiley Protocol and I can just tell you life is great! I'm back to exercising because I have the energy to do so. I'm energetic to tell every woman I know who is having hormone problems that there is an answer out there for you! I treat over 500 women myself in my small town clinic in Wilmington, Illinois. I love my job and my patients! I really just want patients to be well informed and from there everyone can make their own health decisions. I don't push bioidentical hormone therapy on those that don't want it or don't need it. My life has just been so blessed by treating the disease of menopause before it set in and grabbed a hold of me that I want to share that with those who want to hear my message.

Cheers and Bless You!

Gretchen Jones
Riverside Medical Center
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If you refer a colleague to one of the “Two Days Back on Earth Seminar” in Glendale, California, then we’ll give you 50% off your registration. The person you refer would be required to purchase their conference at the full conference rate of $1,850.00 including materials, or $1,200.00 if they already own the materials. This special is available thru 2009. If you have already attended this seminar you would still receive a 50% discount on the returnee discounted rate, which is $450.00, so it would be $225.00.

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