Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 10 and start of Day 11 of hCG Diet Protocol

Yesterday was Day 10 of the hCG diet and all day went great! Not hungry hardly at all. The thought of food was there of course, but sticking to the protocol wasn't bad. I had five boys at home yesterday and was doing some cooking for them throughout the day and that is where temptation of snacking can sneak up on me if I'm not in the present moment with what I really want.

Come Saturday night, my partner, who is also trying the protocol, came over and, through peer pressure :) had a glass or two or three of wine with him. I justified this by thinking of all "real patients" who are going to have difficulty being strict with this protocol. Was a little nervous about getting on the scale this morning thinking I am not going to lose a pound but maybe even gain one!! Instead I lost another pound! My weight this morning was 126.6! I followed the food part of the diet strictly all day. I'm not saying that "cheating" every day is going to get you very far on this protocol. This is one day out of 26 days on this protocol. I have 15 days left to go after today! Wow! I'm going to post a picture on face book of me now fitting in my "skinny" pants that are not at all too tight and look pretty good. No bulging around the thighs!!

I'm actually looking forward to that injection every morning now. I feel like I can "feel" the fat melting away from the abnormal areas. Once I'm done with the 26 days of the 500 calorie part, I'm going to start adding in a weight lifting regimin for the three weeks that there still is no alcohol, starch, or sugar allowed.

Keep you posted. Write more later tonight about todays day!!

Have an awesome day!!

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