Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 12 of hCG Diet Protocol

Woke up today feeling really refreshed. My body feels tight. My abdomen flat. Colon is empty. No food will do that I guess. My first “snack” was a little after 11 and I had my allotted amount of breadsticks. I buy the mini ones so it feels like I get to eat more. It still seems like little to nothing to eat so I find if I eat them slooooowly it helps. I’m drinking water with a squeezed lemon in it and then I add a packet of Sun Crystals (which is an all natural sweetener that is a blend of stevia and pure cane sugar and has 5 calories per packet) to it and it seems to crave any sweet taste that I sometimes think I want.

At work today we were brought in amazing looking food from a restaurant in Lombard called Broosters. That was a tough lunch to get through. I’m looking at large chicken breasts that were in this barbecue sauce and two large salads with tons of croutons and a pasta salad and there I was eating my 100 grams of white fish and 3 celery sticks. I decided to save my apple for a little later since I knew the desire to eat something would kick in around 3 in the afternoon. The rep was so nice, he gave me his card and said go to this restaurant when you are off this diet protocol and have this meal on me. I think I will take his offer up!!

The rest of the day was busy busy which is why this is posted so late. Haven't cheated once yet. Doing awesome. Lost another 0.8 lbs.

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