Saturday, February 27, 2010

Transdermal Hormones and the Pulsatility of Hormones in the Body

Any endocrinologist worth his salt knows that hormones are not chronically pouring into your system. Hormones, all hormones, have a pulsatility and amplitude. That means that hormones have a "beat" like music or your heart. Think of a single drumbeat - boom, boom, boom - or your pulse. That's pulsitility. Now hear it go faster and louder - boom, boom, boom, boom. That's amplitude. In the same way your heart can "race" depending on the needs of your system and the environmental cues to which it's responding.

Transdermal hormones can deposit through your skin into your fat base below, where it will sit, waiting to seep into your bloodstream. With every pulse of your heartbeat, your resting baseline of estrogen or progesterone seeps through capillaries into the blood rushing by.

When you are under stress and your heart beats faster, the amplitude of hormone release is faster, too. The system of delivery of hormone to your bloodstream will bring you internally as close to being twenty years old as you'll ever get when putting in hormones from the outside.

The transdermal mode of delivery of physiologically more identical to the pulse and amplification of the beat of your own orchestrated hormones than any pill or patch can possibly, with their chronically low application of hormone, ever approach.

The Wiley Protocol is transdermal, and rhythmic bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.


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