Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oral versus transdermal hormones, what's the difference?

Hormones that we share with plants work best when absorbed through the skin. The hormones estradiol and natural progesterone can be suspended in creams or an alcohol gel. When taken by mouth hormones have very different effects. Prometrium, the most widely marketed natural progesterone pill is made from raw material progesterone in a peanut oil base, in doses of 100 and 200 mg. it has the potential, just as transdermal or our own natural progesterone, to be a neurosteroid and act like a neurotransmitter when it crosses the blood-brain barrier. Natural progesterone, from your ovaries or transdermally applied, hits GABA receptors all over to calm the brain. Prometrium taken orally must go through the liver instead of directly into the bloodstream. Prometrium, after being metabolized in the liver, becomes a molecule with some drug like, intoxicating side effects on GABA. Anything ingested orally must face the first-pass liver detox. That fact alone means that any drug or hormone that comes in a pill must be overdosed to have any effect at all. By the time a pill makes it through your system, you've only absorbed about 10 percent, so you have ingested 90 percent more of any drug taken by mouth than you needed to than if you had just taken it transdermally. Molecules passing through your skin are rated at 60 to 70 percent absorption and potency. On the skin of your arm, what you don't absorb ends up on your sleeve; once you've swallowed it, who knows where the excess might land or what it might turn into. But the best reason to use hormones through the skin is timing. Hormones have a "beat" like music, or your heart. Think of your heart beating, boom, boom, boom, or your pulse. That's pulsitility. Now hear it go faster and louder, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. That's amplitude. In the same way your heart races if you're scared or stressed, your hormones can "race" depending on the needs of your system and the environmental cues to which it's responding.

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