Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 8 of hCG diet protocol - It's not getting easier yet

So, I feel like I'm still trying to work out the bugs learning the dosing of a 10,000 IU bottle of hCG. I was told to dilute it with 10 cc of solvent water, but then to get the right size syringe to inject enough 125 IU to 175 IU and converting cc to IU is NOT EASY!! First, off it is such a small amount when you dilute with that amount of water that it is hard to get it all out of the syringe so I end up sticking myself twice refilling the syringe to get the right amount out of the syringe. That isn't fun. So reading some blogs of hCG "pros" I am seeing that if I dilute with a different amount of solution (say 20 cc of solvent water) then you can use 0.25 cc for a 125 IU dose and 0.30 cc for a 175 IU dose. Anyway, I'll figure that out before I start prescribing it and make it easier to dose. I'll dilute it to make a 0.5 ml dosing because that is a good amount that you can easily get out of the syringe and NOT have to do it twice. lol.

Okay, I have to admit. I was hungry all day today. I had to get a solumedrol injection today though because I have terrible laryngitis that I get almost once a year if I end up with a sore throat. Hate the shot. Hurts a lot! But, hopefully by tomorrow I will have somewhat of a voice. So that probably really shot the hCG out of the water so to speak. I still stuck with the diet all day though. I ate the usual. Go to previous blogs. Same stuff haha.

Went car shopping. Found a car. That was a relief. Still have to deal with my junker car that needs a transmission and is stuck at the dealership though. My kids all wanted Chinese food, which was the same thing we had brought in for lunch today at work and the smells permeating the room were enough to drive me crazy with hunger :) So you can see today was a little hard! Then I had this craving for sake! I love sake, especially around japense type food and this place we went to makes awesome sushi. Talked about it but held out. Didn't do it. Feel good about that choice now that I'm finally ready to go to bed. Tomorrow will be really nice to weigh in knowing that I followed the protocol to the T. I didn't cheat. Lot of temptations today.

Keep reading. I'll keep posting. Any comments or questions are appreciated.

Cheers! Good night!

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