Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 4 hCG Diet

Today is Day 4 which begins the 500 calorie diet. Days 1-3 on this protocol I ate whatever I wanted. The idea is that it takes three days for the hCG to unleash the abnormal fat into the body to use for fuel so by day 4 when caloric intake is drastically restricted you don't lose a lot of lean body mass because the hCG has allowed the hypothalamus to release fat for fuel! So far I've not been hungry but I've had a nagging headache all day. Hard to tell if it was from the amount of alcohol I consumed last night and all the rich food for dinner (our last rich meal full of carbs and fat for the next 40 days) or if it is from the diet and hCG. Tomorrow will tell. My energy has been good. Thankfully I am doing this with my favorite person and we are each others supporter and somebody to be hungry with who understands exactly what it feels like. Oh! And I forgot! I weighed 4 lbs lighter this morning. So weight is now 133. Highest weight was 139. My goal weight is 125. Can't wait for dinner!

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