Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 13 of hCG Diet Protocol and the start of Day 14

I didn't have one second to write yesterday in my day, literally!!! So I'm going to just kind of give you a relay of the day. I woke up and weighed in at 125.8. Down again! What a great feeling and it makes me feel like I'm progressing because I wasn't feeling that way the day before. I am feeling really good. I actually feel better eating less. The mental part of the diet is getting easier too because it is becoming more habitual for me. I'm really not craving "snacking" as much anymore. If I were to snack it would be just to satisfy the need to put something in my mouth and that's about it. Very interesting to me the mental part of this exercise.

Ate my usual lunch of the protocol. Finally figured out the correct dosage for me to use to inject IM every morning. That's the part where you really need a doctor's guidance if you aren't familiar with doing this type of stuff. So I'm talking about laymen persons, not bodybuilders, etc. I ate lunch after I ran a bunch of errands at lunch and felt fine the whole day. Had meetings after work so I didn't even get to eat my 250 calorie dinner until 930 pm last night. Bedtime last night wasn't until midnight. It was a really busy busy day! Won't bore anyone with those details of why I'm so busy lol. No time to exercise today. "Life" took over, like it does for many of us in today's world.

Today is now Day 14 and I weighed in at 124.6. I fit into my "skinny" pants again. So now I weigh the same amount I did when I went to Arizona last August 2009 (and if anyone really cares, there is a bathing suit picture on facebook of me under my "Arizona trip" if you are a facebook fan of mine). I liked that size and weight. So I'm not sure how much more weight I want to lose, and the protocol says that it's recommended a full cycle for this to be successful and keep it off going forward but to increase your calories to 800-1000 a day if you reach your goal weight before the end of the cycle and there are specific instructions how to do that in the manual "Pounds and Inches" written by Dr. Simeons.

Since I've now reached the "halfway" mark I feel like I can make it to the end. Maybe this is similar to running a marathon, or when a woman is 20 weeks pregnant (well maybe 30 weeks lol) and you can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. I just know the end is near. Yet, I really don't know how it all will turn out because I haven't reached it.

I'm wondering how many of my "patients" who want to try this diet will be able to adhere to the strictness of the protocol. One has to really have the right mindset to start this and complete it. Also the motivation. Then there is peer pressure. There are so many factors that go into the success of this diet, but what I'm experiencing is it is working. The fat is melting away from my body amazingly fast and I'm not losing a ton of lean body mass because my bodybugg is measuring my metabolic rate while I'm on this diet and it hasn't become less, if anything it has become a little higher. Because I have so much energy I'm moving all day long!!

Loving this!!

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