Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 6 of hCG Diet Protocol

I was up until about 3 am last night studying about this hCG and how to dose it and what the studies have shown. I couldn't stop reading about it. I'm so fascinated by how my body is responding so quickly. I woke up at my usual time around 7 am. I'm not overly starving like I thought I was going to be. Had my usual busy day and energy level was great all day. I had to stop by the grocery store to get the right food so I am prepared for tomorrow because when the hunger does hit it is tempting to just EAT. I bought strawberries, cucucumbers, steak, chicken, unsweetened tea, sparkling water, oranges, apples, fresh spinach, and asparagus. Those seem to be my main staples. Then while I was cooking my 100 grams of steak for dinner I measured out 100 gram servings of the steak and chicken I got and put it into individual baggies. Then I just cook it up and it's ready to bring to work in the morning as I run out the door. My body is really shaping nicely. My waist is getting a nice hour glass shape to it and the fat is just melting off my buttocks (sorry Jerome, no more pillows to lay on :))) I weighed 130.8 pounds this morning. Just six days ago I was at a solid 137-138. I have to admit I have thoughts of just wanting to sit down and eat a bag of salty warm popcorn but my desire to learn how this hormone works overpowers that urge. I also have been trying different methods of the hCG from the nasal spray to SQ injections to IM injections. I'll keep you posted on my opinion which way is the most effective.


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