Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 2 (Day 5 since starting) of hCG DIETING

So far going good. Woke up feeling really "light" this morning. Stomach flat. No bloating. Hungry yes!!! And only coffee with 1 tablespoon skim milk or water or tea is allowed until lunch time. By 11:00 am I was pretty hungry and getting a little nauseous feeling so I ate my allowed breadstick and waited another hour and a half before I ate lunch which today was grilled chicken (100 grams), 1 orange, and 1 small cucumber. Then I worked a full day. Was a busy day so that kept my mind off eating. Then tonight my transmission went out on my car just as I was pulling into my driveway and its 7:00 pm. I'm feeling hungry so I cooked up 100 grams of shrimp and put that on top of a bed of greens and then got the kids packed up and started to drive to the dealership to drop off my car and on the way my son gets a flat tire and I have to say my mood is good, I have lots of energy, and we changed the tire (my first tire that I have ever changed by myself!!) and we made it to the dealership 10 minutes before they closed (9:00 pm). What I am finding is that I have to be prepared with having the right food on hand and being prepared. So I came home and grilled 100 grams of chicken to bring with me to work tomorrow. I have oranges but I'm missing a vegie for tomorrow so that might end up being a snack I have to pick up at the grocery store somewhere in between meetings. I worked at finding a rental car for tomorrow and get my sons tire fixed and downloaded my bodybugg information, logged my food. My, this takes a lot of busy work to keep up with it all, but I feel so good. I have to say the shape of my buttocks is looking really good and it is only Day 5 (officially Day 2 of dieting) so I can only imagine in just 20 more days how I'm going to look and feel. It's 10:30 now so I have to get everyone to bed. But so far I'm liking the results of this and start the injections tomorrow. I have been doing the nasal sprays for the first five days because I didn't have the injections ordered in time. I'll see if there is a difference between the two forms and let you know. Sweet Dreams :)))

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