Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HCG - I'm doing it again!!

Yes, I'm doing hCG again. It isn't easy. I'm on Day 3 of the 500 calorie part. The load day this time was TORTURE for me. Oh my did I do it right! I couldn't sleep the entire night because I was FULL, MISERABLE, HEARTBURN, it was really, really bad.

I worked the entire next day and looked like I had been out partying all night long. Broke my new necklace I had been waiting for in the mail for three months because I was deliriously tired and couldn't figure out how to put it on.

Today, I feel good. I was strict yesterday and didn't cheat at all. Not even with my morning routine of coffee with lots of cream. Down 3.2 pounds after my load day of gaining 4.5 pounds. Lifted weights this morning at the gym before work.

I'm doing this again for two important reasons. The first reason is totally personal. I bought a pair of white jeans from BEBE one or two sizes too small a couple of years ago (and they are literally brand new, never worn) and at the time I was already pretty fit, but because they were the last pair left and I really wanted a pair of white jeans in that particular style, I bought them. Well, my brother just graduated medical school and for his graduation party in June I really, really, really want to be able to wear those white jeans! The second reason is because I promote hCG in my practice and I want to live the walk I talk. I have admittedly started and stopped this protocol in the past, stopping because I couldn't stick to it and gave up within a week or two of starting, gaining a few pounds in the process each time. I went back and evaluated why I would do that to myself over and over again when I was telling my patients to stick to it and be true to yourself and follow the protocol strictly for the best results. I came up with a few revelations. First, I didn't have that much to lose so I wasn't that motivated to be so strict. Second, I succumbed to my emotional eating habits over and over again. I had to identify what those emotions were and why I would want to sabotage myself. It was very eye opening for me to do this. hCG has a way of bringing out all your demons haha.

So, I want to be accountable to all of you who read this blog and come see me in Lombard and help you through the pitfalls of doing this protocol. It works 100% of the time like no other weight loss method out there. When I get into those jeans I will post a facebook picture and you will see why I'm doing the protocol again.

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