Saturday, February 27, 2010

Julie Taguchi, M.D. Explains LA Times Article Linking Hormones and Lung Cancer

On Sept. 20, 2009 this Los Angeles Times newspaper article by Thomas H. Maugh II prompted women to write regarding their Wiley Protocol bioidentical hormones, which are biomimetically dosed.

"This LA Times article and other media continue to report on the negative outcomes of the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) that validates the elimination the drugs with hormone-like effects," said Dr. Taguchi, an oncologist at Santa Barbara's Sansom Clinic. It was Taguchi who worked with T.S. Wiley on her book Sex, Lies and Menopause, The Shocking Truth About Hormone Replacement Therapy.

She continued, "The WHI study used Premarin and daily PREMPRO (Premarin and the progeSTIN Provera) and not bio-identical estradiol or the real hormone, progeSTERONE. Physicians will continue to lump progesterone together with progeSTINS when discussing "Hormone Replacement Thereapy" until there is definitive research on progesterone. I have been following patients on BHRT in my oncology practice for seven years and not one has developed lung cancer."

The initial Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) ten years ago was a study of more than 161,000 women which was designed to identify the benefits and risks of using hormone restoration therapy to prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, breast cancer and osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

Many people, including doctors, still do not realize that the results of WHI Study dealt with only women over 65 who were taking only synthetic hormone replacement therapy which consisted of the drugs PremPro and Premarin only. The study was ended mid-stream in 2002 when WHI investigators found that the risks of this approach using synthetic therapy exceeded the safety limits established at the beginning of the study. They never looked at compounded bio-identical hormones in static doses because they are prescribed and dosed too many different ways. This is yet another reason why T.S. Wiley has standardized the Wiley Protocol.


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