Thursday, August 6, 2009

My doctor doesn't listen...

Hi there. Just wanted to catch u up on my Dr.'s appt. It was alwful :(

Unfortunately, this new Dr. Tassone and I didn't really hit it off. He wasn't interested in Wiley and complained that he was in Susan Somers book and since then has had to deal with a bunch of hormone patients. He does bioidentical but doesn't follow up like the Wiley. He said Wiley sounds way to complicated to him. The good/fun part was that I had the ability to engage with him since reading Wileys books and most of all from your information. I told him that it was really sad that he was closed minded because after all this is a womens health issue and that was his field. He complained that he had to spend time with me talking about this. It was really weird. He uses pills under the tongue. He was reluctant to even order the FSH test, but he did. He wanted me to get my blood drawn right there and then. I told him no, because I wanted done on day 12.
He looked at me like I was crazy.
He is however, going to do an ultrasound on me at his office. He said he would be able to see if I have tiny cysts in my ovary. They were never able to see it before when I had my right ovary removed (turned out it was filled with tiny cysts). He also said that I wasn't in menopause. I told him about the 70 yr. old lady who began having periods again and he said 'that' is not natural. I told him that I like the way that the Wiley was made from plants and that the body recognizes it as its own. He replied that chemotherapy drugs were made from plants and is able to kill you. Weirdo. He wasn't interested in womens testimony either. At the end he said maybe he wasn't as closed minded as he appeared. So, I guess I'll get my ultrasound there and blood work results, records and move on. He suggested that I go down Reed's Compounding Pharmacy and Chat with the owner. What do you think about all of this? Maybe I could send you the results??Sherrie

Sherrie, honestly he sounds like the typical "standard of care" doctor around here. That is because cyclic hormone replacement is not the Standard of Care treatment and he doesn't have anyone training him on what it is or how it works; i.e. Pharmaceutical drug reps that train him on how his "drugs" work. That's all. He'd rather prescribe you something that HE doesn't have to think about. Yes, what I do takes a lot of understanding, patience, and the ability to talk to women on a different level. So he won't be able to help you. Your ovaries are filled with tiny cysts, called follicles, because that is what ovaries are full of. Tiny cysts that are full of estrogen that is ripened every 28 days in a cycle we call a menstrual cycle. And when that cycle begins to stop that means the follicles never mature to pop out an egg and guess what, that means no progesterone! I don't think the compounding pharmacist is going to be any bigger help to you. They didn't go to medical school to understand the hormonal system either. So unless you get lucky and find someone who really understands it they will try to give you troches and lozengers and daily dosing schemes too that don't mimic a normal hormonal cycle. I know because I have heard all this from my patients who have been down the same path you are going down. This is why Sherrie I am so passionate about what I do and want to really spread the word and help women like you and the tens of thousands of others who feel like crap. It's not all about making money to me. There just isn't another way to mimic the hormonal cycle except mimicing the hormonal cycle when females are healthy and cycling. TS Wiley has done all the hard work of coming up with a systimatic way of taking hormones. All she needs is more doctors to understand how it works and how simple it is but it does take some time with talking to your patients to get the patient to understand their own hormones and how they work. It's the same as teaching a diabetic patient how to use insulin.

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