Friday, August 7, 2009

From my mom to one of her friends...

So good to hear from you, first things first, how are you feeling? Not just physically but emotionally? Please talk to me because I care very much! I have been hesitating to mention this to you after what you just went through but, if I could ever beg you from the history of our friendship, would you please, please, please do yourself and me a huge favor??? I just finished this book and with every page, I was aghast and horrified at what the drug companies and the medical profession are doing to women and I highly suspect, also to men! I just finished T.S. Wiley's book written in 2003 called "Sex, Lies and Menopause". Then I bought Suzanne Sommers book "The Sexy Years". She, as I am sure you know, had breast cancer. Her book just validates what T.S. Wiley's book reports. The Wiley book was written with an female oncologist and a PH.D. scientist. I DID NOT KNOW that gynecologists don't normally delve into hormones. I am shocked and horrified! I thought that was what they did. Gretchen is on Facebook, big time, please type in her name and go to her page. She has tons of information about hormones. She has a blog called "Love my Hormones" that will blow you away. "I" have even received emails from her patients telling me how good and brilliant she is. The internist she works with sent his own wife to Gretchen for hormone therapy. This kid is doing wonderful things for women! I am so proud of her because she so wants to help women. Whether they are premenopausal, menopausal, have a uterus still or have had a hysterectomy. I told her about you and what happened to you with the Vagifem (That's probably spelled wrong). Bottom line, please go to Facebook and contact Gretchen and get the Wiley book, it can make the difference in the way you feel and live for the rest of your life! I am going on the Wiley Protocol natural hormones starting tomorrow. Gretchen can help you with them if you decide to do that. I have been looking for a doctor in this area but Gretchen ordered the hormones for me from a Compounding Pharmacy in Indiana who Gretchen has sent hundreds of women to!

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