Friday, May 18, 2012

I wrote this before I weighed in this morning. Yesterday I noticed I had a lot of habits that came to surface that I had to not act on. Urges to randomly snacking throughout the day. What saved me was I was so busy at work that I had no time to rest in between patients. And snacking isn't easy now with braces on my teeth because it is a huge process I have to go through after I eat anything; floss, brush, redo lipstick, etc.

My weight is at my setpoint which is the part where I will stall for a day or two before the pounds drop and mentally that is challenging because when I know I am following the protocol and not losing and I'm exercising, it can be deflating to my efforts. I have to tell myself that I can and will move beyond this temporary stall and that the protocol does work and that fat is dissipating even though the scale doesn't reflect it yet. I tend to sabotage myself at this point in the protocol by eating something a little extra because I'm mad the scale didn't reflect a loss, but who am I punishing - the scale or me?

I have to keep reminding myself that if I keep on track and love myself enough to have the integrity to stay on track, I will reach my goal on time and be able to wear those white jeans by the end of May.

I'm not waking up hungry now. The first couple of days my stomach was feeling really empty and I think to myself how am I not going to eat anything until 10 am. But now, drinking my tea, ice water, or coffee I am fine. I usually have my fruit first and try to stall and not eat lunch until 2:00 or 2:30. Otherwise if I eat at 1:00, I don't really have any time to have a snack or eat until after work which ends sometimes after 6:30-7:00. Yesterday I ate lunch at 1:00 and didn't get a break at work until after 7 so there were thoughts of hunger in that period of time and if I wasn't in the mindset that I was in of sticking with the protocol, I might have snuck in something that was laying around in the lunchroom (and there is never anything low calorie in our lunch room)but I didn't. Instead, I ate an apple when I was done. Drank lots of water. Went to the gym and did a light work out. Came home, grilled some Cod and made a big green salad with salsa and that was dinner.

What is really frustrating about this is that I woke up this morning, got on the scale and it WAS EXACTLY THE SAME WEIGHT AS YESTERDAY MORNING. WHAAAAAATT THE HECK!! Ha Ha, you all know what I'm talking about. That was like a huge slap in the face because of the fact that I was faithful to the protocol. But, this is what I'm talking about. When you reach a "set-point" weight of yours, a weight that your body is comfortable at, it takes some effort to get below it.

So, today, I am sticking with the protocol because I know it works when I follow thru and I will break through this set point. It might stall for a couple of days and I am ready for that stall mentally. I woke up before work and grilled chicken and asparagus for lunch. I am drinking my coffee for breakfast and will have a snack of strawberries around 10 or 11 am today. I'm excited to see the physical response of my body as I go through the changes. It's really motivating too for me to see all my patients who do this protocol and change their lives. I had a family come in yesterday with a total of over 150 lbs of weight loss and tons of inches.

This protocol changes lives. It can change yours too if you want it to.

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Carol said...


My 40 day diet plan is almost over. I have to say this is a great diet but I have to tell you that I only lost 10lbs all because I did not follow the exact plan. I think 40 days was too long for me. I want to continue this diet because by losing at least 10lbs I feel great and I feel energized.

I was reading the manual that you emailed me and it says that after the 42 days I need to take a break for 2 weeks before i can start another session so my body doesn't become immune to the HCG. So instead of doing the 42 days can I do the 23 days session? Also wanted to ask you while I'm on the "break" is it good to be on the "NO CARB"? It also says that on the last 3 days of my diet plan I cannot take the HCG and continue the same diet for 3 days until it flushes out of my body before going into maintenance. Do I stay on the 500 calories?

I feel if I take a 6 week break I might gain the weight again. I know it is my fault for not following the protocol thru with the diet plan, but I think with the 23 day plan I can follow thru. Again, I am happy that within 40 days I lost the 10lbs which it would've taken even longer if I had done it on my own or not happen at all. I thank you for the push and support you have given me.

Thank You,

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