Thursday, May 24, 2012


It can be very frustrating to be on this protocol and not see the scale go down a pound a day. This is when I really have to be objective about my diet and my actual progress. So for me, I pay attention to everything I eat. Mindful eating I call it. I increase my daily exercise to atleast 30 minutes of aerobics a day and try to drink real water rather than flavor waters, because I really don't know if flavored waters were used in the ORIGINAL protocol back in the 1940s.

It plays on my moods when the scale doesn't move and the fat doesn't leave my body as fast as I think it should or could! I get a little more irritable and sensitive over nothing because of the way I'm feeling internally, which is frustrated! This is all normal on the protocol and sometimes can take 1-2 weeks to pass. It's probably part of the survival mechanism the body has to resist fat loss once I reach around 20 percent body fat. It doesn't mean you are not losing fat in the process so keep looking at yourself in the mirror and pay attention to the places that the fat is leaving and the places where it still exists and be faithful to your goal. This protocol works 100 percent of the time if you will work it 100 percent. So I have to take my own advice and just keep sticking with the program. I have about two weeks to go before I try on those white jeans! I'm hoping they slip on like a nice fitting glove. I'm getting a little bit anxious now though because my body is not cooperating and it might take a little longer than I anticipated.

I will keep you posted! For all of you on the protocol, be strict with yourself and follow a system and you will reach your goals like you never have before with any other weight loss method. I do promise you that.

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