Monday, April 13, 2015

In Response to Science Daily's Article Pharmacist survey shows huge growth in compounded menopausal hormone therapy

Prescription sales are increased for custom compounded bioidentical hormones because patients and doctors are getting more educated about the difference between some pharmaceutical hormones that are hormone therapies that are FDA approved. The Women's health initiative study is the main study that is always referred to when discussing risks of hormone therapy. However, that study was done with synthetic hormones, Prempro and Premarin. If you want to look at the details of that study you will find out the reason it is not a good study is twofold. Number 1 it is not replicating how hormones are used in our body and Number 2 these are chemical structures that are not identical to our own hormones.

The issue I have with random compounding is that there is no consensus to what is healthy and effective for women when it comes to hormone replacement. Some pharmacists and doctors believe that women need way too much testosterone with their estrogen, too little progesterone and some believe that giving the hormones all together in one dose is the way to take hormones.

Instead of bashing hormone therapy and instead of just treating a hot flash, if the FDA really wants to help women after the age of about 40 when hormones decline substantially and symptoms begin to increase rapidly, FUND A DAMN STUDY ON CYCLIC HORMONE THERAPY. Mimic physiology of a women's hormone cycle with transdermal hormone creams and then we can put this debate about hormones "causing" cancer to rest and start focusing on the real causes of cancer and better treatment options when women are faced with female cancers.

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