Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Third phase of hCG Diet Protocol

I completed the 26 day hCG protocol with wonderful results! I was on Day 22 or 23 when my father-in-law passed away so it was a monkey wrench in the routine of things. Suddenly I was no longer able to follow a set schedule for cooking and eating. I had lost all the weight by that time but still needed to adhere to eating the 500 calorie diet for three more days in order to not gain back large amounts of fat post injections. The next phase is no starch or sugar for three weeks. I admit I have had a couple of "sweet" alcoholic type drinks which are definitely high in the sugar department after the funeral and at a pool party in memory of Jerry Jones. Doing well on the following the diet part of the plan. Starting a work out schedule with the plan called "Insanity" today July 19th was the first work out. It is a workout program designed to change your physical condition and get your body in tip top shape in 60 days. Today Jerome and I did the initial fitness test which is then repeated every 2 weeks to monitor progress and push yourself to beat your last results.

I admit, if you can carve out 26 days where you can concentrate on being diligent with planning your meals ahead of time and can get over any fears of using a 1-1/2 inch long needle to inject the medication intramuscular in the medial buttock muscle then this diet is something I highly recommend trying. I can guide you but I can't make you be faithful to it. My role is to encourage you, guide you through the obstacles and walk with you through the process. It works!

There are a couple ways you can contact me for more information on getting started. Call and schedule an appt in either of my office locations or visit my web page www.mylivit.com to get started.

Look forward to helping you transform your body into the one you aspire to obtain.

Call my office in Wilmington (815) 476-5210 or Lombard (630) 627-3700 to set up an appointment or email me at jones.gretchen@gmail.com


Kim said...

Where do you find the spray? and is it as effective as injections?

David bone said...

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cpd.caps said...

Well I visited Dr. Jones and I was open about my fear with needles but she made me feel comfortable. She explained step by step process. I should soon receive my HCG injections. It's true I need to re-evaluate my eating habits- after my surgery I completely gain weight. I'm going to write & search my intake products.

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