Friday, August 20, 2010

Estrogen and Progesterone Restore Life

What makes a women feel good? Loaded question! Today, I am talking about hormones. Specifically, estrogen and progesterone.

When a women is younger and having menstrual cycles, she is producing hormones that make her strong-to have babies. They make her desirable to attract a mate. Last, but not least, they make her feel good.

During the course of a menstrual cycle, the brain tells the ovaries to ripen eggs. As the eggs ripen, they produce estradiol. On or about day 12 of ones cycle, an egg is released, a women makes testosterone, and starts to produce progesterone. These events prepare the uterus for pregnancy but much much more.

A women is born with a finite number of eggs, and at some point she runs out. The ovaries are the only place that makes progesterone and so it goes away. The body tries to compensate with estrogen but it makes estrone, not a lot. Consequently a women then goes thru the change of life! Hot flashes, cannot sleep, brain fog, etc, etc, etc.

One hundred years ago, women only lived to be 50, on the average. They did not talk about sex and did not have to worry about menopause. Today, you might live to be 80 or 90! Why should you feel bad and not enjoy sex.?

The answer is the Wiley protocol of hormone replacement for women.

This protocol replaces hormones, bio-identically and in a manner in which the body produced them in a young menstruating female.

If something was good for you when you were 25, why should it be bad for your when your 55? The answer is its not!

Try the Wiley protocol-feel better, sleep better, think better and once again enjoy your sexuality. It keeps your bones stong, keeps your HDLs high and if you have the breast cancer gene may protect you from bad estrogen ( 16-oh-estrone).

My patients love it and so will you.

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lisa said...

I recently was prescribed the Wiley Protocol. I am a 48 year old woman and I experience such heavy periods and have all of a sudden had a spike in my blood pressure so, I went to my doctor. I have been on the Protocol for 2 months now but my periods are still not the greatest...they are better but still some heavy flow and pain. The more I read about the Protocol, the more nervous I feel. I have gained quite a bit of weight on the program and have to "pee" all the time! I went on High blood pressure medication so, that is stabilized and I sort of feel better....can you put my mind at ease and let me know if you really think this protocol is safe?

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