Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wiley Protocol for Men™ – Biomimetic DHEA and Testosterone Restoration

When a man gets older, he often notices a decline in his competitive interests, sex drive and overall enthusiasm for life. Many men experience androgen and testosterone deficiency that goes unrecognized. A man's testosterone levels begin to decline from the age of about twenty five and continue to decline until death.

Testosterone is an androgenic, or male orientated, hormone produced in the testicles with a masculinising influence in the development of puberty, as well as associated secondary sexual characteristics such as the change of his voice, a beard, aggression and sexual libido, or sexual appetite. In health it circulates at high concentration in the blood of males from puberty onwards.

In men four hormones significantly decrease with age: testosterone, estradiol, (DHEA)/ DHEA sulfate (DHEA-S), and growth hormone (GH). There are a number of men that have a gradual decline in testosterone levels and have no decline in their sexual performance, however, this is not the case for others whose hormonal decline has very negative effects such as loss of muscle mass, depression, lack of energy, libido, and more.

A multi-year study shows mean total testosterone levels down 30 percent in men ages between 25 and 75 and mean free-testosterone decreased 50 percent.

The Wiley Protocol™ for Men restores lust, sleep, muscle mass, and bone health, and helps to reduce depression.

Research has shown that restoring androgens to optimum levels can provide significant improvement in mood, increased energy and sexual function. Restoring the body's normal balance of hormones can make a man feel strong, healthy, happy and energized.

The Wiley Protocol for Men is based on the premise employed in the original Wiley Protocol (28WP) biomimetic hormone restoration therapy (BHRT), the Wiley Protocol for Men replicates additional hormone rhythms. As with the original Wiley Protocols, we recognize that the body’s rhythms work in tandem with nature.


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