Friday, August 24, 2012


I see many patients who have been told by their OB/GYNE doctors or their primary care doctors that hormones cause cancer and are bad for them. I will quote one of these doctors comments to a patient of mine and then comment:

"You are increasing your risk of breast cancer by taking hormones. You take away the hormones, the cancer goes down" My patient tried to argue and say, yes, but that information was from the WHI study and was synthetic hormones, used in such a way that did not mimick a natural hormone cycle. Her response was, "They are all pharmaceuticals and when you take away the hormones, the cancer goes down. If the evidence is there, you have to listen."

My patient then asked about thermal imaging instead of mammograms and was told that it is not "standard of care" to do thermal imaging.

So ladies, and gentlemen, let me please first by saying that your own body producing hormones is NOT THE CAUSE OF CANCER! I would be more afraid of that diet coke you are drinking then replacing your hormones with bioidentical (non main stream pharma drugs) in a cyclic dosing manner to REPLACE WHAT YOUR BODY IS LACKING.

Hormones are your bodies way of communicating and repairing cells. Our hormones are the chemical messengers in our body. I personally treat women who have hormone abnormalities ALL THE TIME. I just started another breast cancer patient on hormone therapy and she isn't scared because she knows your own cycle of hormones isn't and wasn't the cause of her breast cancer and doesn't increase your risk of getting it more. How can you believe a study that was done with synthetic drugs not even hormone like in the blood. I measure these hormones in women all the time. I can tell you that Prempro does NOT mimick a normal cycle and is no better than birth control pills.

When women restore their hormones it is self evident that they become healthier. Their skin improves. Their sleep is restored. Headaches and heart palpitations disappear. Insulin resistance improves and weight loss is possible. Breast tissue is renewed and less lumpy, blood supply is returned to the vaginal wall and libido improves. Hair grows again!

If another standard of care doctor tells my postmenopausal women that she is tired because it is her thyroid (when her thyroid levels are all perfect) I want to scream NOOOOOO! It isn't her thyroid! Check her estrogen levels. Restore it to what is physiological normal for young cycling women, and see what happens!

Women, stop believing the fear instilled by the Standard of Care with regards to breast cancer. Stop the madness of over radiating breast tissue. Start researching the data out there with regards to breast cancer and get the real story. Women are going on birth control pills for 20 years in some cases. We are exposed to serious chemicals in our food supply. We are ingesting fake sweetners, deficient in Vitamin D, not exercising, overweight, not getting enough sleep, drinking too much alcohol, and taking way too many pharmaceutical drugs. What if these are the cause of the increase of cancer in our society? Nobody wants to take that kind of responsibility for their health. We would rather blame a hormone.

You have a choice. You can continue to go through life down that path, or you can choose to feel great again. I choose, sleep, energy, great skin, great marriage and sex life, great mood, ideal body weight, no anxiety, no depression,no heart palpitations, no headaches, no food cravings that are out of control....and when any of those areas are out of whack, I know what I did to contribute to that and suffer the consequences of my actions. My hormones range 150-800 and I cycle every month.

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