Friday, October 12, 2012

So Many Changes Since Starting Hormones Almost a Decade Ago

I haven’t written in a while any new posts on hormone therapy. I have now been doing cyclic hormone therapy personally since the end of 2007 and I wanted to document all that has change since then.

Before starting therapy, I was not able to sleep unless I took high doses of Ambien or Xanax and even with those medications, I never felt rested in the morning. Instead, I still felt groggy and drugged. I have not used a sleeping medication for three years (after 9 months of weaning off Ambien and Xanax by the way, not easy stuff to get off of) and I sleep so soundly that some days I sleep through my alarm clock. That NEVER happened since I was a kid. In my late 30’s and early 40’s sleep was not my friend. Since starting hormones, I can sleep again.

No more heart palpitations. No more joint aches. My skin looks amazingly clear and fresh. I bring that up, because before hormone therapy I was constantly going to the dermatologist for plumper injections and products to help with my complexion because my skin looked so dead.

My skin is firm and moist. I am able to lose weight when I diet and eat right. Prior, I could eat like a bird and I still had the roll around my hips. That roll doesn’t exist and my abdomen is flat.

Hormones replaced how your body uses these hormones is essential. Don’t let standard of care medicine scare you about your own hormones. Disease state and decline in health start to occur when we begin to lose our hormones. You have options and a choice. Hormones do not CAUSE cancer, Hormones CONTROL cells. Repair of cells can only occur if your body has the right ingredients to repair those cells.

The people I love dearly are on hormone therapy so that we can be healthy together as we age. We all realize we are not going to live forever, however, the quality of your life should matter to you as you age.

I encourage you to get your hormone levels checked and monitor them. I recommend checking a Fractionated Estrogen level (estradiol and estrone ultrasensitive) on a Day 12 of your menstrual cycle, if you are still having periods. I also check FSH on that day. Normal levels should be around 350-500 pg/ml on average of ESTRADIOL, and less for ESTRONE. Normal for FSH on that day is 4-6 miu/ml.

I started hormone therapy when my estradiol was 48 pg/ml and my FSH was 4.8. Today my estradiol is between 500-800 pg/ml on day 12 and my FSH is around 6.

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