Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why Should We Worry About Menopause Symptoms?

We need to de-myth Menopause for both Women and Physicians. We are taught in medical school that menopause is no big deal and easy to treat. That's laughable. We are taught that our sex hormones are just for reproducing babies, fertility, and when we are done with our child bearing years why do we need them. We are taught that if we aren't having any symptoms we must be done with menopause. And yet, these women can't sleep, they have osteoporosis, they have mood problems, are on antidepressants, heart disease is around the corner, and so is memory loss. Menopause is PERMANENT and it means that estradiol and progesterone are gone. We are living longer and our system that makes our hormones is aging faster than we are dying. It is a degenerative aging of our reproductive system. We don't need to tough it out ladies. Another myth. Maybe because we were told that HRT is bad for us. That is due to the Women's Health Initiative Study on synthetic oral hormones; Premarin and Prempro. We are told HRT is not safe for us so just tough it out and here is your Zoloft or Prozac. What I believe is we need to treat the cause of menopause, not the symptoms. The cause is the loss of estradiol and progesterone in rhythmic cyclic levels.

We can do this together and I can teach you how to manage hormone replacement yourself with bioidentical hormone transdermal creams used in cyclic dosing. Without these hormones your body ages faster. Heart disease. Bone loss. Memory loss. Metabolism loss. Sleep disturbances. Just to name a few.

Let's educate ourselves women! Empower yourself with knowledge and spread the word.

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