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The Connection between Cancer and Hormones blogged by TS Wiley

The Connection between Cancer and Hormones

Dr. Brawley, another doctor, states that mammography misses most cancers, “and that radiation from the scans will actually cause some cancers to develop. In addition some women will be called back repeatedly for additional procedures, scans, and biopsies that ultimately rule out cancer but can be painful and anxiety provoking. Mammograms also find some cancers that grow very slowly but look the same as any other cancerous tumor, leading to aggressive but unnecessary treatment.”

The connection once again is hormone fall-off. We at The Wiley Protocol believe the connection between breast, uterus, and ovarian cancer is the hormones and regulation of the hormones within the body. We believe multiple cancers arise as we age because of the fall off of hormones. Women quite naturally fall apart as they get older, devolve, and in the absence of hormonal control lose their sense of vitality. Using X-rays to see abnormalities in breast tissue has been around since 1913, but had never become a diagnostic tool since the mid-1970’s. The statistics proven and tested show that early detection is worthless because breast cancer, statistically, kills half of all women diagnosed with it within five to ten years after diagnosis no matter how early its detected. The statistics have never changed. If women never experienced the hormonal fall-off known as menopause, these cancers might never develop.

The heated debate right now among the new guidelines that made Dr. Weiss furious was the American Cancer Society stated that women should limit their mammograms. The reason for this is because it saved her own life, but the question pending is will it save another life or cause more ionizing radiation to the next woman in line?

The trend is disturbing: because of the radical changes in the way women live — earlier puberty, rising obesity and alcohol consumption, environmental pollution, long-term use of oral contraceptives, later childbearing and less breast-feeding — could lead to more breast cancer emerging at younger ages.. So the key we believe at the Wiley Protocol is to get more sleep, drink clean water, buy hormone free meat and organic food as much as possible and when needed restore your hormones back to the way you had them when you were young.

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